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Selective Intercom System

The intercom system is made up with field stations connected to the central unit by a star mode connection.
The aim of the system is to allow multiple kinds of communication. The communications can be: push to talk, full duplex, from one station to another, group calls or general calls.
To start a communication you can call directly the selected station or you can make a general call to contact the operator you want to communicate with.
To make a general announcement, you can make a general call, a plant call or a zone call and you will be able to communicate with the selected area.
The system works 24/7 and is built with solid materials suitable to be used in rough environment  and industrial area.
The devices are suitable to resist shocks, vibration and disturbs on the connecting cables.
The system can connect devices within a distance of 2 km, using 2 or 4 cables.
We can customize the system according to your requests.

Central Exchange Station :

 Mod. FR70XX

Wall Intercoms:

Mod. ST7000T
Mod. ST7000TH
Mod. SM7000TH-W

Ex-proof Wall Intercoms:

Mod. ST7000-EX
Mod. ST7000T-EX

Desk Intecoms:

Mod. SM7000T
Mod. SM7000TH
Expansion Boards

Central Boards
Mod. CS4635  - Backplane
Mod. CS4636  -

Mod. CS4636F - Bus Array
Mod. CS4637  - Analogic Line
Mod. CS4638  - Digital Line

Mod. CS4646  - Supervisor
Mod. CS4647  - Net

Device Boards
Mod. CS4641 - Extend I/O

Mod. CS4639 - Device

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