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Page/Party System

The INTEL PAGE / PARTY SYSTEM is composed by a number of intercom station linked “in parallel” each other on omnibus lines.

The aim of the system is the full duplex communication between two or more intercom stations.

In order to establish a conversation, the user must effect a general call over the loudspeaker network inviting the desired person to go to the nearest station and reply on the indicated party line.

The user who effected the call will select the same party line starting the conversation.
Other users
can get into the same conversation pressing the button relevant to that party line.
The system is designed for a continuous working 24h/day using professional solid state devices able to be used in industrial installation and worse conditions such as Siderurgical, Chemical, Petrochemical and Waste Treatments Plants.
The devices are able to support shocks, vibrations and noises on connection cables.
Each intercom station will mute its relevant speaker during the general call in order to avoid the Larsen Effect.
The housings, the loudspeakers and the mechanical parts are protected against the corrosion due to chemical and atmospheric agents with adequate material and painting cycle.
The exposed parts such as handsets are built with plastic material resistant to corrosion, shocks and solar exposure.

The system distribution typology are the following:
  • STAR when all the stations are linked to a central power and distribution cabinet
  • TRUNK LINES coming from the central cabinet where the intercoms are linked in parallel by using junction boxes.

Power and distribution central cabinet 

Plant junction box 

Satellite amplifier

Desktop Intercom station

Waterproof outdoor intercom station

Waterproof Ex Intercom station 

Waterproof wall Intercom Only GC

Crane desk Intercom

Operator Crane Console

Working mode of the system

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