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About Us

INTEL Laboratori di Elettronica Applicata is one of the most important designers and manufacturers of industrial and military telecommunication systems in Italy.

Our 46 years of Engineering and Manufacturing Know-How” are an assurance of complete satisfaction as our systems are designed and fabricated according to CEI, PTB, IEC specifications. (Date of foundation October 1965).

Besides we operate in compliance with the Standard ISO 9001:2008 for Design, Production, Installation and Assistance of Systems and Equipments for Telecommunication, Automation and Control Applications in the Industrial and Military Field.

INTEL maintains complete laboratories for research, field assistance, modern manufacturing and quality control facilities.
A team of Engineers develops the software to be implemented in the intelligent micro devices which deal most or our systems.

The Production Department is equipped with modern tools and skilled Personnel is capable of producing equipment of consistent high quality.

Constant technological progress and increasing demands of a quickly evolving market established a wide and qualified experience in the design and installation of the telecommunication systems in the sector of energy, steel industry, harbour application and local transportation.

Our long list of international Customers includes :

The Italian Army and Navy
The major Still, Petrochemical and Chemical Plants in the Nation and abroad.
The major Engineering Companies
Italian Companies developing and running automated People Mover Systems

Any requirement of our Customer, with whom we maintain a continuous cooperation/assistance, finds fast and complete answer in any of the following activities concerning telecommunication systems:

System design
Detailed design of the equipments
Development of the software
Realization of the equipments
Functional checks
Start-up pf the system and commissioning
Service and maintenance


Steel plants
Chemical plant
Petrochemical plants
Plants with classified areas
Harbour automation and security
Naval applications
Energy production plants
People movers
Inclined elevators


Professional Intercoms for safe and Ex classified areas
  • circular/ring networks
  • selective communications with central exchange
  • selective communications with local switching unit
Paging Systems with central Amplifying Exchange with
  • loudspeakers for safe areas, W/P and Ex Execution
  • intercom stations for safe area, W/P ad Ex Executions
Communication Systems for Cranes
  • carrier voice communications
  • voice communication with inductive coupling
  • voice and datas communications using radiating cables
  • voice/datas/video communications by SHF transmission
Communication System for People Movers and Inclined Elevators
  • voice communication with inductive coupling
  • voice and datas communications using radiating cables
  • voice/datas/video communications by SHF transmission
  • CCTV and Access Control Systems
Telephone Systems
  • for safe areas
  • WP type and for EX environments
  • Hot line telephone systems
Rescue and Alarm devices for:
  • Ski runs
  • Harbours and beaches